Get the massage experience you want and need!

Dave talks with you about your physical concerns and requests each time you come for massage. It's up to you to let him know the type of massage experience you're looking for.

He then selects from the following Integrative Massage techniques to create the massage that will work specifically for you.

  • Swedish Massage  is a thoroughly relaxing full body massage to provide a satisfying, feel-good-all-over experience
  • Deep Tissue Massage gently reaches under the surface layers of muscle to release deep, chronic patterns of tension
  • Passive Stretching while you remain completely relaxed, Dave moves your arms or legs in slow, sweeping stretches that release little-used muscle groups
  • Shiatsu points on the traditional meridian lines of the body are progressively pressed to release tightness and tension held in the body
  • Cross-Fiber Frictioning very slow strokes reach across the grain of muscles to open, refresh and soften the tissue
  • Trigger Point Therapy involves pressing into particular points on your body to help break cycles of spasm and pain
  • Additional Technique Dave has taken introductory courses in the John Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release; his massages are sometimes influenced by those techniques


Suggested rates at the Two Hearts One River Massage Studio:

$80 for 60 minutes

$110 for 90 minutes

$150 for 120 minutes

Sliding fee payments are accepted for massages given at the Two Hearts One River Studio; please talk with Dave to find the rate that fits your needs.

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