Two Hearts One River
Ely, MN


   When I went to Dave for massage, I was looking for relief from chronic tension and pain, but also a deeper understanding of the pent-up emotions causing the issue. Dave created a safe environment and I was able to release those emotions and tension. He has a gentle, respectful nature with strong, sure hands. As a result of working with Dave, chronic pain was resolved as well as the underlying stress. There has been a long-lasting effect. Dave listens carefully to the needs I express and asks questions to clarify things. He exhibits a genuine desire to get to the core of a given issue. His strong intuitive abilities are evident as he taps into something that allows him to genuinely be with a client’s needs.

                 -Nancy S. Business Owner & Artist

   As an older person who exercises vigorously, I want to keep my muscles flexible and supple. After my massages with Dave, I feel light and loose. My body feels different in a good way. During my massages  Dave stretches my muscles to work on them. In addition to massage, he moves my body into the athletic positions of my sports. I believe this improves my experience.

                 - Perry Yoder, Cyclist and XC Skier

   While on a week-long retreat, I went to Dave for some relaxation and de-stressing. My neck was very tight and painful. Dave provided so much than any other massage therapist has done for me. He loosened up my tight neck and shoulder muscles and more importantly was able to help me totally relax. Dave has a gift far beyond what a strong pair of hands can offer. He has an intuitive gift that helps him really see what a body needs. The effects of my massage lasted much longer than the few hours I can usually count on with a massage. I can still transport myself to that time and place and feel the power of the experience. I had the great opportunity to have my massage in a screened-in tree house on a beautiful summer day. I can still hear the loon that was serenading the lake. Dave provides a comfortable and protected environment which helped me feel at ease.

                  -Linda Tally, RN in Hospice

   I am a triathlete in my sixties and get regular massages from Dave. What I want is the loosening of my tight and sore muscles that are a result of my sports. Dave has a real gift for finding and relaxing knots and tight muscles, even the ones I didn’t know were there. After my massages, my muscles are relaxed, more flexible and I feel in a more relaxed and happy state overall. One thing that really works well for me is the heated blankets!  I’m never chilled during my massage. Also, Dave listens and responds to my specific needs to relax,  especially my shoulders, back and legs. I find Dave to be very professional, knowledgeable, well-trained and personable. He creates a clean, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. I have been to many massage therapists over the years and Dave is one of the best! I highly recommend him.

                 - Autumn Cole, Triathlete  (sports include Triathlons, Running, Biking, XC Skiing, Snowshoeing, Swimming and Hiking)

   I have received massages from Dave for over 3 years. Initially, I was looking for relaxation of tight muscles and specific knots in my body. What I’ve come away with is not only reduced stress and tension, but a much fuller and deeper understanding of myself and how body, mind, and spirit are intricately connected. Dave touches on all three –and beyond. What started out more functional and practical became spiritual and integral. Through my massages with Dave I have experienced a deeper level of self-knowledge, and have found someone who understands me uniquely. Dave has massaged both me and my retreat guests in many distinct spaces at The Tofte Lake Center. He transforms any room into a place that is relaxing, peaceful, and aligned with the natural environment. Dave is a massage therapist like no other. He is much more than a masseuse - he is a visionary, an empath and a healer.  You may go to him for one reason, but you’ll come out touched in ways unimaginable.

                       -Liz Engelman, Director, Tofte Lake Center, Ely, MN

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