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Ely, MN


  When you come in for a massage with Dave, he first takes time to assess your physical complaints and your requests. You explain the type of massage experience you're looking for and the parts of your body that may need special attention.

  Then Dave selects and provides the Integrative Massage techniques that work specifically for you. The possibilities are described below.

Swedish Massage ~ a thoroughly relaxing full body massage to provide a feel-good-all-over experience

   Hot Stones ~
are often included in your massage to warm muscles so deeper work can be done~Dave also uses the stones as an extension of his hands, massaging your body directly with the smooth surface of natural stone 

  Deep Tissue Massage
gently reaches under the surface layers of muscle to release deep, chronic patterns of tension

  Passive Stretching ~ while you remain completely relaxed, Dave moves your arms or legs in slow, sweeping stretches that release little-used muscle groups

  Shiatsu ~
points on the traditional meridian lines of the body are progressively pressed to release tightness and tension held in the body~Dave works interactively with you to access the particular points needing release~Shiatsu can be done as a clothes-on experience

  Myofascial Release
slow stretching strokes are used to release tension and refresh tired muscles

  Cross-Fiber Frictioning ~ very slow strokes reach across the grain of muscles to open, refresh and soften the tissue

  Sports Massage ~ pre-event preparation tailored to your specific sport~post-event treatment helps get your body back to normal~sports injuries are usually treated in a few targeted sessions to help get you back in the game

Trigger Point Therapy ~ involves pressing into particular points on your body to break cycles of spasm and pain~pain in one part of the body often originates in another area and usually several points are directly related to one presenting symptom

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